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Welcome to Karnavati 24 News, your number one source for all things Blog News. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of Content in Gujrati, with a focus on real content.

Founded in 2020 by Karnavati 24 News, Karnavati 24 News has come a long way from its beginnings in India. When Karnavati 24 News first started out, his passion for “eco-friendly cleaning products” drove them to quit day job, do tons of research, etc. so that Karnavati 24 News can offer you . “the world’s most advanced Real Content in Gujrati”. We now serve customers all over the place – town, country, the world, and are thrilled that we’re able to turn our passion into our own website.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Reporter  Name Contact number of Reporter Designation Palce of Appointment Email of Appointed Person Adhar /Pen Number of Appointed Perosn Card No.
Nikunj Dilipbhai Pancholi 9099422488 Chief Editer Ahmedabad Pancholiniku1987@gmail.com ARPPP3685G K24N/01
Dipak Parshotam bhai Rathod 9727369354 Editer Ahmedabad Dipakjesues123@gmail.com AGJPR7568P K24N/02
Dhaval Ashok bhai Umaraniya 7984134974 Reporter Ahmedabad Dhaval.umaraniya96@gmail.com 7997 6077 6548 K24N/03
Girishbhai Christian 9428721078  Editer of Gujarat Ahmedabad Girishbhaichristian@gmail.com AHNPC9989L K24N/04
Shaikh Mehruneesha Mohmadkalim 8511427965 Reporter Ahmedabad Siddiqimehrun15137@gmail.com NLVPS8609N K24N/05
Kureshi Saeedahmed 9157733130 Reporter Ahmedabad bahiq9121@gmail.com 5315 2369 1869 K24N/06
Jitendrabhai Bhimajibhai Khuman 9726517368  Editer of Saurashtra Amreli utpal.khuman.333@gmail.com 3940 4919 1756 K24N/07
Govindbhai Nathubhai Dhadhal 9879898713 Chief Editer of Saurashtra Amreli govindbhaidhadhal@gmail.com 6981 1408 9698 K24N/08
Chhaganbhai Karshanbhai Khuman 9925759854 Reporter Amreli khumankesri@gmail.com 2428 9608 5701 K24N/09
Anil Dineshbhai Asodiya 9722506506 Reporter Ahmedabad anilasodia@gmail.com AMFPA9719D K24N/10
Parth Dipakbhai Rathod 8488886735 Reporter Ahmedabad parthrathod1614@gmail.com EEJPR4547J K24N/11
Sumit Jaychand Sipani 9537481855 Reporter Ahmedabad sumitsipani28@gmail.com AYOPS4001M K24N/12
Parshotam H. Solanki 9898621080 Editer of Ahmedabad Ahmedabad solankiparsotam1989@gmail.com DSOPS7179P K24N/13
Babubhai Devatbhai Zala 9998366803 Reporter Khambha(Amreli) Babuzala524@gmail.com 3475 6944 4535 K24N/14
Jitesh Jethabhai Chauhan 7567965702 Reporter Unaa (Gir somnath) jitubhaichauhan488@gmail.com 4781 4659 0778 K24N/15
Dineshbhai Tabhabhai Rathod 9277253568 Reporter Kodinar (Gir somnath) yashrajrathod722@gmail.com 2964 3211 7662 K24N/16
Babubhai K. Chhatraliya 9426948537 Editer of Banaskantha Jasali b.k.chhatraliya@gmail.com 9954 8117 2946 K24N/17
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